3.5" Disk/Gotek/HxC Drive Cables, Power Splitter Cables, 5v/12v Power Supplies

 Amstrad CPC 664/6128/Plus models, are equipped with external drive connector, where you can plug a 3.5" Disk/Gotek/HxC Drive, using a ribbon cable:

You might also need a power supply splitter cable:

*note: Amstrad Plus needs extra adapters (also available).

A power supply for all Amstrad CPC / Plus models is also available:

*note: Amstrad Plus needs extra adapter (also available).

Finally, if you want to use the internal 3" drive of an Amstrad CPC 664/6128 you will need  a 12v Psu  with custom female connector: 

Anyone interested, please contact at: ikonsgr745@hotmail.com

Help photos: