KickStart ROM Switcher Adapter for A500 (all MB Revs), A500+ , A2000

  With this Adapter Board, you can install 2 Kickstart Roms, and select them using the Switch:

You can use it with:

-Amiga 500 (note:for older rev 3/5 motheboards set switches as shown in photo)
-Amiga 500+
-Amiga 2000

And here you can see the installation procedure:

Anyone interested, please contact at:

Useful Notes:

-If you want to write your own Eprom, mind that 150ns EPROMS will NOT work, EPROM must be 120ns or faster. 

- If you are going to use a kickstart from amiga emulator, you will need first to "byte swap" the rom file using a hex editor (or contact to give you a "byte swap" utility i made).