Amiga 500 DF0 / DF1 Drive Boot Selector Switch

 With this Adapter Board for Amiga 500/500+, you can Convert a DF1 External Drive to become  Bootable DF0 Drive:

 Adapter is tested and works with any Drive: Floppy Disk Drive, Gotek/ HxC Floppy Drive emulators!

Using the Switch Provided, you can have:

- Internal Drive as DF0 and External Drive as DF1 (Normal position)

- External Drive as DF0, Internal Drive disabled (Switched position)

And here is the installation procedure:

Anyone interested, please contact at:

Note: There is an easy "trick", where you can use both drives in switched position, it's tested ,and works with Workbench, Xcopy utility, and some games too: Boot normally from internal drive, and after disk initialization, change to "Switched position". That way you can use both External drive as DF0 and internal as DF1! With this Adapter Board, you can install 2 Kickstart Roms, and select them using the Switch.