Wireless Bluetooth Mouse/Joystick Adapter

 This Adapter: 

Provides a wireless/Bluetooth Connection of a Joystick/Mouse to Any Computer equipped with DB9 Game/Mouse ports, like:
- Amiga
- Atari St/Atari 8bit  (except Atari 7800 joysticks)
- Commodore 64 / Vic20
- Amstrad CPC
- Sega Master System
(Note: Amstrad CPC and MSX computers, needs also this adapter)


-Plug and play operation! Just connect the game/mouse port module to your computer and switch on the Mouse/Joystick module, After a few seconds, the bluetooth modules will be synchronized (blink twice every few seconds) and adapter is ready to use!
 (Note: When modules initially paired, you might get some lag of joystick/mouse action, but this happens ONLY for the first 2-3 seconds of usage. After that, there is practically no lag, any movement or button pressing, is instant. )

-On computers equipped with two 9pin ports,like Amiga and Atari ST, You can use two adapters simultaneously, In order to have BOTH mouse/joystick or two joysticks connected wirelessly! 

- Supports Auto fire function and 2nd fire button, for Amiga, Atari ST, C64 and Sega master system controllers/ Joysticks!

-Equipped with on/off switch to save energy! 

-Range: Up to 10meters

- Joystick/Mouse selection Switch (plug/unplug adapter after change), for using it with C64 and other old 8Bit home micros, to avoid conflict with keyboard! (For Amiga/Atari St, you can use mouse position for both Joystick or mouse)

- 9pin D connector on Game/Mouse port module is attached on a ribbon cable in order to be used directly with Atari St equipped with tunnel ports 

Mouse/Joystick Module, uses very easy to find and cheap 3 X AAA baterries of any type (Nicd, NimH, NiZn, Alkaline,module needs at least ~4volts, so in case of NiCd/NimH batteries, be sure that they are well charged!):

Anyone interested, please contact at: ikonsgr745@hotmail.com