RGB Video / Audio Scart Cable

  With this cable, you can connect an AMIGA Computer, to any TV Equipped with RGB SCART input,or using  this cheap scart to HDMI converter:

To achieve best possible picture quality and compatibility with newer lcd tv's, cable design is based on this cable diagram.

Cable is offered in 2 different lengths: ~1meter or 3meters.

Anyone interested, please contact at: ikonsgr745@hotmail.com


- Due to lack of 23pin connectors for amiga video port  (they are very difficult to find these any more ,at least, at descent prices anyway) cable will have a well cut 25pin connector instead. There is absolutely no problem with this, 25pin connector will fit perfectly, like a 23pin connector.
-If your TV has more than one SCART connectors, make sure that you use the one that supports RGB video signals.
-Some special monitors equipped with scart input, might NOT be compatible.