Internal drive adapter for connecting 3.5" PC Floppy Disk Drive

   With this adapter you will be able to connect a 3.5" HD/DD PC Floppy Drive, to the internal drive connector of  AMIGA 500/500+/600/1200 (Except Escom A1200). You can also use it to replace the drive inside an external amiga drive case:

Pc drive becomes  100% Amiga Drive!

Along with the adapter, i can also provide a brand new PC Floppy Drive :

Anyone interested, please contact at:


- Be VERY CAREFUL inserting power connector properly, like it is shown on the help photos. If you plug the connector wrong way, it may damage the on board circuit!

- If you are using HD 3.5" disks along with a pc floppy drive connected to amiga, be sure to cover the HD hole of the disk with a little duct tape in order to enable pc drive's  DD/720Kb  operation mode.