External Drive adapter cable for Gotek/HxC Usb floppy drive emulator

  Using this cable, you can connect a Gotek USB Floppy Drive Emulator (flashed with Flash Floppy firmware) on ANY AMIGA 500/600/1200/CDTV:

The external connected gotek drive is bootable on AMIGA 500+,600,1200, by choosing it through boot menu (press both mouse buttons on startup).
If you have an AMIGA 500 with 1.x Kickstart Rom, which doesn't support booting from external drives, you can:

-Use this adapter i also make, to have either internal or external drive as bootable DF0,by using a switch!

- Permenant convert external DF1 to Bootable DF0, by following this very easy and simple procedure:

Anyone interested, please contact at: ikonsgr745@hotmail.com

- Gotek Drive jumpers should be set like this:

- Jumper on the back of gotek drive, must be on 'S0' position. For Escom A1200, which use PC drives, you require a jumper on JC, or "interface = ibmpc" in FF.CFG file
- If you have problems with gotek drive not recognized properly or images don't seem to work ok, try adding "interface = amiga" to FF.CFG file
- The cable might work with other floppy emulators too (for example HxC floppy Emu) but i can't guarantee it will do so.
- As the needed 23pin D connector is difficult to find and rather expensive,i use a cut 25pin D connector instead. No need to worry about that, as it will plug perfectly like a real 23pin D connector!