Universal Serial Interface for Amstrad CPC (a.k.a USIfAC)

 Amstrad CPC Serial interface is a universal serial port for Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 models, based on the 8bit PIC 16F1579@32Mhz microcontroller.
It can buffer up to 920 bytes of received data, and can achieve speeds up to 576000bps, using a usb2serial direct cable adapter, or 460800bps using a Bluetooth or Wifi Module. It is also equipped with a reset button and a Pause switch:

You can use it with:
- A very cheap  USB2serial cable adapter for direct connection
-  A pair of HC-05 Bluetooth modules for wireless connection 
- A WiFi module,(an ESP-07 or an ESP-01 along with a 5V adapter)  for wireless connection through router/internet:

I've also developed a PC utility:

It offers five functions:

- Terminal: A terminal for direct communication through serial/Bluetooth or Wifi modules.
- File Copy to CPC: A File Copy utility from PC directly to Amstrad CPC disk.
- File Copy From CPC: A file Copy utility from Amstrad CPC disk to PC.
- Image Copy to CPC: A dsk image copy utility from PC to Amstrad CPC disks.
- Direct Load: A method for Loading games/programs Directly from PC

You can find everything you will need, to make and/or use one here

It contains:
-The circuit diagram,
-The gerber files for the pcb,
-The bill of materials,
-The Pic 16F1579 microcontroller Hex file (you will need a pickit2/3 in order to flash it into PIC 16F1579),
-Amstrad’s utility dsk image disk (you can transfer it to a real disk with CPCDISKXP using an ide or a usb 3.5" floppy Drive),
-The PC utility program,along with CPCLOADER (for easy extracting dsk images) and a folder including the utility disk files,for direct loading from PC using "Direct Load" function,
-The User's Guide.

And here ,is a list of 130+ verified games that work with direct load function (many more would probably work but not tested yet) 

For Comments, suggestions or help check this CPC Wiki forum thread.

Finally, if anyone wants a ready made adapter you can find it here.