Atari 5200 adapter for Sega Genesis/Amiga/Amstrad/Commodore Joysticks/GamePads

 With this Adapter, you can connect, DB9  Atari 2600 Type Joystick/Gamepad, tAtari 5200 DB15 Joystick Ports:

Key features:
-Equipped with Start Button! 
-Extra 15Pin D connector for plugging Keypad controllers!
-Supports 2 fire buttons!

You can directly use, any joystick/gamepad for: 

-ATARI 8bit (except Atari 7800), 
-Commodore 64/128, 
-Sega Master System
-Sega Genesis

You can also plug other adapters which will allow you to connect many other controller devices:

Amiga Atari ST Mouse Adapter
DB15 PC Joystick Adapter
- Wireless Bluetooth Joystick Adapter
Usb (Ps/2 compatible) Mouse  Adapter
And various Usb Joystick/Gamepad Adapters

Finally bellow you can watch a great presentation of the adapter, which can be actually used even with trackballs and C64 mouse!

Anyone interested, please contact at: