Amiga/Atari ST Mouse Adapter For 9pin D Joystick Port

The circuit i'm going to present you here, allows an amiga or atari st mouse to be used instead of a joystick, on any old home micro computer equipped with atari type joystick port, like Vic 20,Commodore 64, Atari 8bit models, Amstrad cpc (which also needs this adapter) etc. Mouse behaves exactly like  typical joystick, using left mouse button as fire (it also supports 2nd fire button assigned to right mouse button). So any game/utility that use joystick, can use the mouse instead!
The circuit looks like this:

 As you can see, it's very easy to make, there is only the pic microcontroller (16F630), a small 100nF capacitor, two 9pin D connectors, and  two 3pin switches which are used to select amiga or atari st mouse usage. 
 Here you can find the gerber/nc drill files for the pcb, and  here is the hex file that contains the program i made for the microcontroller. You can use a cheap pic programmer like this or a pickit2/3, to flash the program into the microcontroller.
Here you can see a photo of the adapter:


Anyone interested, please contact at: